The Motor Racing Game

Game Rules

These rules are adapted from Patrick Wotton’s Too Much Racing Game rules, even to the extent of lifting the source-code.

1. Blog Post.

1a. A post will be made to the blog once per week, usually around Monday. It will set out the scores to date, list the events for the coming weekend, and will invite players to submit entries for that weekend.

2. Game Entry.

2a. Players should make their entry by posting a comment in reply to the blog post (1a).

2b. If the blog post has not yet been published or a player is unable to reach it, the player may contact me via email. Players can provide entries in advance, for example if going on holiday. (If a player has provided advance entries with holiday notice and information arises that would obviously cause a substitution to be called for, such as a driver being unable to race, I will try to implement a sensible substitution. Ideally in those circumstances add a reserve.)

2c. A player may submit multiple entries for that week, and entries for multiple weeks. The admin will accept the last entry received before the deadline for a given week.

2d. Entries received away from the blog will be published to the blog by the admin.

2e. Existing players failing to submit an entry will be awarded points equal to 90% of the lowest full-entry score that week. For the Monte Carlo Rally, it will be 99% (up to a maximum of one point less than the lowest full-entry score).

2f. Players joining late will be given the minimum scores as detailed in 2e for the weeks they have missed.

2g. Players should include a valid email address in the submission box when entering so that they may be contacted for reminder emails. Please make it politely clear if such e-mails are unwanted, or if another e-mail address should be used.

3. Deadlines.

3a. The weekly deadline will usually be set at 6am Friday, British time, usually about midnight ET in the US. It will be clearly announced any week this is to be varied.

4. Driver Choices.

Players make a new selection of drivers every week. (Weeks 6 and 7 being both NASCAR-only weeks, a rollover will apply for the latter if a new entry is not received.)

4a. Players may only choose drivers racing in the events listed in the blog post.

4b. Players may select up to a maximum of 10 drivers/cars.

4c. No more than 7 of these drivers/cars may be taken from a single event; e.g. you can’t have 8 or more F1 drivers.

4d. There is no need to choose drivers from every event listed; e.g. if F1, IndyCar, NASCAR Cup and ALMS are racing you can choose 6 F1 and 4 IndyCar if you wish.

4e. If there is only one event that week, only 7 drivers may be selected in total, per 4c.

4f. In sports-car races with multiple drivers per car (e.g. at Daytona, or in the WEC/ALMS), the player will pick a car and not a driver. e.g. for Sebring you may want to choose the McNish/Kristensen/Capello Audi as one of your 10 picks. In WRC events, it is only permitted to pick one driver per car (i.e. you can not pick the driver and co-driver from the same entry).

4g. If a driver is competing in two counting events that week, players picking that driver must make it clear which event they are nominating for game points. If it is not clarified before the cut-off, the series they normally compete will count. If this is unclear, I will pick at will. You can nominate the driver for both events if you choose, but of course it will count as two choices.

4h. If a competitor mis-counts his entry, I will try to contact him/her in time to make a correction. If I do not notice in time or a correction is not received before the cut-off, as long as I feel the competitor made a genuine effort to make a correct entry, I will amend it. If eleven or more drivers/cars have been listed, then I will take the first ten listed. If nine or less drivers only were listed, I will go back over previous entries and pick the first driver(s) applicable. If I think someone is taking the piss by relying on this to complete their entry, I will not add drivers/cars.

4i. It is up to each player to clearly identify their choices, and accept the consequences if they do not.

5. Scoring.

5a. The TMRG points system:

Finishing Position TMRG Points
1 50
2 40
3 35
4 32
5 30
6 28
7 26
8 24
9 22
10 20
11 19
12 18
13 17
14 16
15 15
16 14
17 13
18 12
19 11
20 10
21 9
22 8
23 7
24 6
25 5
26 4
27 3
28 2
29 2
30 2
31 1
32 1
33 1
34 1
35 1
36 1
37 1
38 1
39 1
40 1
41 1
42 1
43 1
44 and down 0

5b. Points are scored on race position only, not qualifying position.

5c. Sports-car races and WRC are scored by overall position and not class position.

5d. Retired or unclassified results will count for TMRG points (for example a Formula One driver that is unclassified for an early retirement according to F1 rules will still count for position-points in this game.)

5e. Drivers/cars disqualified will receive zero points.

5f. Race non-starters will not count for points (although if a race is officially re-started and they made the first (or a previous) cancelled start, I will count that for points.)

5g. WRC points will only be awarded to those that finish the event (to avoid having to trawl back through stage results in case they were top-43).

5h. Official results will be used unless impractical or inconsistent. (ACO results may not include retired cars. Last year, the disqualified Saubers at Melbourne were listed in the official results above the retired cars which I would have ignored.)

5i. If a result is not declared (such as the events last season that saw the deaths of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli), zero-points will apply to all selections from that event.

5j. If a race is shortened thus that full points are not awarded by the series rules, as long as a result is declared, it will count for full TMRG points.

5k. If a driver is directly substituted, for example when Kyle Busch was excluded from a race-weekend, or if a reserve F1 driver-replacement is bought in, then points earned by the replacement will count for the original choice. (Presumably this will most likely apply to replacements that happen after the deadline).

5l. If a driver manages to be credited for two finishing positions in a race, for example he starts a NASCAR race in one car, retires, then substitutes for another driver in a different car, then his highest finish will count only.

6. Penalties

6a. Changes to the race results will be amended in the game, unless the change occurs more than 3 weeks after the final round of the game at which point the game will be considered closed. This includes position changes, exclusions/disqualifications, etc.

6b. Points penalties, used in the past by NASCAR will be applied proportionally to TMRG points; for example if half the official series points awarded initially are deducted, then half the TMRG points will be deducted. This only applies if the penalty is race-specific. For example, if a driver had points deducted for punching an official on practice-day, then I would be inclined to ignore that. A driver will not score less than zero for an event even if deducted more points than they scored in the race. (I might have to apply discretion over this.)

7. Tie-Breaks.

7a. Weekly results that tie for points will if possible be separated by count-back (see who picked the most winners, if that does not work then who picked the most second-placed picks, et cetera).

7b. If count-back does not work as a weekly tie-breaker, I will call it a draw, but use who posted sooner to order the displayed results.

7c. Overall position (Leaderboard) ties including final results, I will separate these by count-back (who won the most weeks, if this does not work who had the most second-places, et cetera). In the case of shared positions on weekly results, I would, for example, count two players in a week finishing joint-second as half-a-second-place plus half-a-third-place each.

7d. Should count-back not work to clarify overall position, the next tie-breaker would be highest score for an individual week, or if that is a tie, the second-highest score for a week, et cetera.

8. Other.

8a. I reserve the right to amend the rules if situations arise I feel I have not allowed for or for which the existing rules seem especially unfair. (I will consult the opinions of players in such circumstances.)

8b. I reserve the right to exclude anyone from the competition that I feel is taking the piss. (For example, if someone is racist, or offensive to myself or others.)

8c. I will stop scoring anyone that has missed several consecutive weeks. (If it turns out they were ill or something, I will go back and work out their points.)

8d. In the case of disputes, I may choose to consult opinions of the field, or I may not, but my judgement will be final.


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