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February 9, 2015

2015 Week 4

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Welcome to week 4. Two events this coming weekend: the Swedish WRC Rally; and the opening event for NASCAR, the Sprint Unlimited on Saturday at Daytona.

In news, Dani Sordo is out of the Swedish rally due to breaking some ribs in a mountain biking accident. Haddon Paddon will take the number two car for Hyundai, and test driver Kevin Abbring will take Paddon’s third-car drive. In NASCAR the field for the Sprint Unlimited is set. In both cases I have limited the picks in the website to help try and avoid any heartburn by picking a driver who wasn’t racing (which could still happen for unforeseen reasons). Sebastian has a useful guide here: Please make your picks at:


February 2, 2015

2015 Week 3

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Welcome to week 3. No racing this week or next weekend, so just a quick piece of news with this post. The opening round of the Indycar series was supposed to be the weekend of March 8th in Brazil. Things looked fine, but last week a surprise announcement that the race had been cancelled. It’s still not clear why, and based on tweets it took several drivers by surprise. So the street of St. Petersburg in Florida will now be the opening round on the weekend of March 29th.


January 26, 2015

2015 Week 2

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Welcome to week 2 – no racing this weekend or next weekend, so on to the results from week 1:

Scores from week 1:

WRC Monte Carlo, USCC Daytona:


The big unknown coming into the Monte Carlo rally was how Sebastian Loeb would do having been out of a WRC car for more than 400 days. He started quite well. Actually really well. He beat the world champion Sebastian Ogier on the first stage by more than 30 seconds, which is an eternity in WRC. In my opinion another check that he is the greatest racecar driver ever. But the fairytale story came to an end on Friday when he drifted wide at a corner, hit a rock, and ripped the rear wheel off the car. Watching the in-car video, he looked to be really unlucky, barely wide, and just catching a rock that was sticking out. Still, he rejoined the event on Saturday, and climbed through the field with more fastest-time stages to finish 8th.

That left Ogier to dominate and win in the WV, with his teammate Jari-Matti Latvala his closest rival, but 58s behind. Actually a good result for Latvala who traditionally doesn’t do well at this unique event. Andreas Mikkelsen took it steady the whole weekend, and it paid off when his rivals made mistakes, resulting in Mikkelsen finishing third, and a podium sweep for Volkswagen.

Other notable good performances came from Kris Meeke who won a couple of stages in his Citroen, but finishing 10th due to a similar incident on stage 8 to Loeb, where he pretty much tore off a wheel on a rock. Robert Kubica who also won several stages, but lost the brakes at the end of the penultimate stage, crashing out of the event. And Ott Tanak couldn’t get into the top 10 but he was very fast early on, dropping to an 18th place finish after going off on stage 10, and needing many spectators and about 18 minutes to get back on the road.

In the Daytona 24 hour USCC race it was a close finish between three of the top-flight cars. The victory was taken by the #02 Ganassi Riley/Ford, who finished just 1.3s ahead of the #5 Action Express Corvette. The #10 Wayne Taylor Corvette also finished on the same lap as the winner, and third place. The #90 Visit Florida Corvette was fourth and 6 laps down, but suffered less than the remaining Prototypes that all finished lower down the order. The #01 Ganassi Racing Ford/Riley suffered from clutch issues that left them down in 25th place, and the #7 Starworks BMW/Riley suffered engine problems resulting in a 39th place finish.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Greased Lightning who piped me by one point. Being week 1 that also puts him at the top of the standings for the year …




January 17, 2015

2015 Week 1

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Welcome to week 1 – our opening week for the 2015 season. Two races kick off the season, the WRC’s Monte Carlo Rally, and the USCC’s 24 hours of Daytona.

In WRC Volkswagen is back with the same successful line up as last year, headed by Sebastien Ogier, along with Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen. Citroen is also sticking with the same two drivers as last year, with Mads Ostberg and Kris Meeke; but Sebastien Loeb is making what is being called a one-off appearance for Citroen at the Monte. In Hyundai along with their number one driver Thierry Neuville, they have announced that they are sticking with Dani Sordo all year, along with Kevin Abbring in a permanently featured third car. The semi-works Fords of M-Sport have a new year-long driver line-up of Elfyn Evans and Ott Tanak, who will be joined by Bryan Bouffier for the Monte. Of the privateers, Robert Kubica is the most prominent, also driving a Ford.

Most of the usual Prototype teams are at this year’s Daytona-24: Ganassi with two Ford Rileys, Action Express with its two Corvettes, Wayne Taylor Racing also with a Corvette, and SpeedSource with their two Mazdas. Starworks and Highway To Help are using BMW power in their Rileys. Extreme Speed Motorsport have their two Honda HPDs, but the team will now be known as the Tequila Patron ESM team.

For the Monte you can find the full entry list here:

For the Daytona-24 the entry list is here:

Picks can be made at:

Belated guide and links here.

Good luck!


Are you a new player interested in playing this fun game? Read on …

Each week players pick 10 drivers from all the major motor racing series that are racing that weekend (7 drivers if there’s only 1 major series racing). You score points based on how well your drivers did: 50 points if your driver won, 40 for second, then 35, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 19, 18, and so on down to 1 point for finishing in several of the lower positions. The player with the most points wins that week. We also accumulate points for the whole year of racing to decide a yearly champion of the game.

The major series we follow are: F1, WRC, MotoGP, WEC, NASCAR, Indycar, DTM, and the United SportsCar Championship (formerly ALMS and GrandAm).

There’s no money involved – just bragging rights. To sign up, send us an e-mail from or send a Facebook message the The Motor Racing Game page, and we’ll reply with a pass-code that will allow you to post your weekly entry. No time for that? then just make a comment or send a message listing your 10 picks on Facebook, or post a comment with your picks on the WordPress blog, at

December 1, 2014

Week 47 (End of Season)

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Thank you for playing in 2014. Congratulations to Sebastian and his overall season win.

Next year’s competition is only 8 weeks away – in the fourth weekend of January (picks due 1/22/2015) with the kickoff of the WRC Monte Carlo Rally and the Daytona 24 hour race.

I’d like to suggest a couple of changes for next year

1) Resorting to declaring a weekly winner by count-back (who picked the most winners, second place finishers, etc.) – which is something I neglected this year.

2) Replicating the blog on a Facebook page – I think there’s more traffic on Facebook and more opportunity to attract other players. I’ll still post here on WordPress, hopefully with Sebastian’s help with the outstanding guides he produces.

3) Give players an opportunity to have “default drivers/cars” in reserve in case they miss a deadline. This is not intended to be a requirement, just an option if a player wants to use it. It could render better or worse results than the 90% rule. This needs comments and opinion if you please. My idea is that players can pick up to 7 “default drivers/cars” in all series, in a ranking order of “best” driver first. If the player misses a week in which one series is running, the default 7 drivers will be selected on behalf of the player. If two series are running, the top five default drivers in each series will be chosen. Three series: top four drivers from one series and three each from the other two (4/3/3). The series in which the higher number of drivers from the default list is picked will be based on the following “stability” ranking of series: MotoGP, F1, WEC, WRC, USCC, DTM, Indycar, NASCAR. Four series: 3/3/2/2. Five series: top 2 default drivers each series. Six series: 2/2/2/2/1/1. Seven series: 2/2/2/1/1/1/1. All eight series: 2/2/1/1/1/1/1/1. If a driver/car is not competing, take the next one in the list, or zero points if the list becomes exhausted. Players can change or cancel this lineup at any time, and actual weekly picks always override any default. What do you think?

Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments section. And anything you can do to attract more players, the more fun the game will be.

Scores from week 46:

WEC Brazil:


Porsche had its maiden win in the finale of the WEC race in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The #14 had a comfortable lead with 26 minutes to go in the 6-hour race, but was on worn tires. Behind them the #8 Toyota that finished second was on fresh tires. But we’ll never know if the Toyota could have taken the victory from the Porsche because the last 26 minutes were run behind the pace car when the #20 Porsche had a heavy crash (finished classified in 22nd). The #1 Audi took the final podium position. Behind the Audi was the #7 Toyota in fourth, which along with its teammate’s second place was good enough for Toyota to win the manufacturers title. Fifth was the second Audi (#2), and behind them the leading LMP 2 car, the #47 KCMG. Not sure what happened to the two Rebellion cars but they finished 18th and 19th (#13 and #12 respectively). The other four LMP 2 cars that I picked finished 20th (#27 SMP Racing), 24th (#37 SMP Racing), 26th (#26 G-Drive Racing), and the #21 Strakka did not start so no points.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Sebastian, Drewe , and Greased Lightning for their 3-way tie for the final week. Chris didn’t put in an entry, and my miserable score was due to a hail-Mary effort of picking all the LMP 2 cars in a futile attempt to catch Sebastian at the last minute. Unfortunately my miserable score meant an equally miserable default score for Chris, and it dropped him behind Greased Lightning in the final standings for the year.

As mentioned Sebastian topped the standings – a deserved victory since he had 12 outright winning weeks this year.

Final Standings:



November 24, 2014

Week 46

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Welcome to week 46 and our final week – just one race this weekend – the finale of the WEC in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sebastian has the guide for your picks at Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 45:

F1 Abu Dhabi:


Lewis Hamilton is F1 world champion. And he won the race in Abu Dhabi. It was not the exciting affair we’d hoped for, or looked like it might be after Nico Rosberg took pole. Hamilton had the better start and charged into the lead at the first corner. Rosberg stuck with him until almost half way, but then Rosberg’s ERS system failed, and without the extra power he was doomed. He finished 14th. With Hamilton seemingly off the hook, he slowed, allowing Filipe Massa to catch him and almost snatch victory. But it was to be Hamilton’s day – he took the win and the title. Behind Massa, Valtteri Bottas took the final podium position. Then came Daniel Ricciardo who did well to get fourth considering he started from the pits after being disqualified from qualifying due to a technical issue with the Red Bull car. Fifth was Jenson Button for whom the race may be the last of his career. Sixth and seventh were the two Force India Mercedes of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez, ahead of Sebastian Vettal who similar to his Red Bull teammate had to start from pit lane. Rounding out the top 10 were the two Ferraris of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Drewe , his ninth win of the year, two in a row, and the highest score this year for a single event week. And it pretty much guarantees him third in this year’s standings. With F1 wrapping up, it is Sebastian who made the most out of the sport, taking home the most points in F1 for the season. Last week it was me who took WRC points honors, which I was happy about since I consider WRC to be “my” sport. Also last week Greased Lightning wrapped up the title for most points in NASCAR. My attempts to catch Sebastian with some wild picks this week did not pay off (as expected), so it looks like the standings are settled even with the final week still to play…




November 17, 2014

Week 45

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Welcome to week 45 – just one race this weekend – the finale of F1 in Abu Dhabi. And just two more weeks left in The Motor Racing Game, this week and the WEC’s finale wrapping things up in two weeks in Brazil. Sebastian has the guide for your picks at Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 44:

WRC Great Britain, NASCAR Homestead, WEC Bahrain:


At the head of the WRC event in Wales it was a bit of a bore. Jari-Matti Latvala was Sebastian Ogier’s only close competition early on, but then he went into a ditch (finished nnth) leaving Ogier with a dominant lead over the rest of the field, enabling him to cruise to the win. Second place was much more exciting with Mikko Hirvonen coming out ahead of a tight three-way battle. That was a great way for Hirvonen to finish his career in WRC with a fine achievement considering he was driving a non-factory Ford. Kris Meeke put the most pressure on Hirvonen, but a trip into a ditch dropped him down to a sixth place finish. So that gave third place to Citroen driver Mads Osberg. We all picked Andreas Mikkelsen, but he had a miserable event, going off in the first day, then going off again in the last day, so failing to finish, and no points for any of us.

NASCAR had their finale at Homestead in Miami, and for most of the race the four contenders: Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano, and Kevin Harvick were running at the top of the field. Jeff Gordon was the dominate driver though, leading the most laps. Joey Logano was the first to drop out when his car fell of the jacks in the pit with just 16 laps to go. Denny Hamlin was the next to drop back after he decided not to pit for fresh tires in that same stop (16 laps to go), and the old tires hurt him in the remaining laps. Gordon also did not pit in that stop, but pitted on the next caution dropping him deep into the field (he recovered to a 10th place finish). That left Newman and Harvick to battle it out for the win. Newman had Harvick’s bumper in the final laps but in the last lap Harvick slowly drew away for the win of the race and the championship. Brad Keselowski, who only came on strong at the end, finished 3rd.

The WEC had their penultimate race in Bahrain. It was won by the #7 Toyota over the #14 Porsche, but the headline news was the 11th place finish of the #8 Toyota which was so low because they had an alternator failure that had to be replaced, but it was high enough that they were able to win the championship even though there’s still one event to go. Their closest rival, the #2 Audi needed to finish 1st or 2nd to keep their hopes alive, but they could not get the better of the two Porsches that finished 2nd (the #14) and 3rd (the #20). At least their team-mates in the #1 Audi let them finish ahead, just in case the Toyota faulted. The two Rebellions were next to finish with the #13 in 6th and the #12 in 7th.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Drewe and his eighth win of the year. Solid picks in both WRC and WEC did the trick. Drewe is looking pretty solid in third now with only two races left in the year. While I gained a little more ground on Sebastian for first, I fear it is not enough, and only crazy picks with lucky results in the final two weeks will unseat Sebastian at the top of the standings…




November 10, 2014

Week 44

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Welcome to week 44 – three races this weekend, and just three weekends left including this one. The WRC has their finale in Wales; the drivers and manufacturer’s titles are decided, but you can expect a tough battle for victory in what is considered one of rally’s “classics”. NASCAR have their finale in Homestead, Florida, and while any one of the regular drivers in the field of 43 cars can win, all eyes will be on the four remaining contenders for the title (more below). The WEC has their penultimate race in Bahrain. Sebastian has the guide for your picks at Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 43:

F1 Brazil, MotoGP Spain, NASCAR Arizona:


Nico Rosberg beat his teammate Lewis Hamilton in the F1 Grand Prix in Brazil, and closed the gap in the championship. Assuming that the two Mercedes drivers are at the sharp end of the season closing race in two weeks, the champion will be the one that finishes ahead of the other, since the points are too close for positions to count for anything (unless both languish towards the back of the field, which is a ridiculous notion). In Sao Paulo, behind Hamilton, Brazilian Felipe Massa took third spot, despite pausing in the McLaren pit-stall for new tires, before moving forward to his own Williams pit-stall. Jenson Button finished fifth after squeezing out Kimi Raikkonen, who as a result, lost another position to Sebastian Vettel (sixth), and then another to Fernando Alonso (seventh). Valtteri Bottas was another of our picks, and looked like he might finish as high as fourth, until a poor pit-stop doomed him to 10th by the end. Our other pick, Daniel Ricciardo, broke his suspension and finished classified 18th and last.

Marc Marquez rounded off the finale of the MotoGP season at Valencia the way he started the season – with a win. And Valentino Rossi finished a strong second – continuing his good form of late. It was mixed conditions at Valencia with a couple of rain showers that made the riders test their bravery on slick tires. Dani Pedrosa wasn’t as brave as Rossi and lost ground to him during the second shower, but still managed to stay ahead of Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow to take third spot. Jorge Lorenzo did not like the conditions and changed to wet weather tires which were disastrous as the track quickly dried after the shower, and he subsequently retired and finished classified in 23rd.

The NASCAR race in Phoenix was a surprisingly timid affair with none of the shenanigans that were expected from the eight contenders (although there were a lot of cautions). Kevin Harvick won the race, automatically qualifying him for one of the fourth positions among which the champion will be decided next week in Homestead. Jeff Gordon finished second, but with Harvick’s win and Ryan Newman’s 11th place finish, it was enough to push Gordon out of the top four by just one point – that’s one position that he could have had, and more, without the Brad Keselowski incident last week. At least Gordon had the pleasure of seeing Keselowski eliminated too, with his fourth place finish, which wasn’t enough. After Harvick and Gordon, Matt Kenseth was third, but that too wasn’t enough for him. Denny Hamlin was fifth behind Keselowski, and Joey Logano sixth. All that means that Gordon, Keselowski, Kenseth and Carl Edwards (who finished 15th) are out, and Harvick, Hamlin, Logano and Newman will battle for the championship at Homestead. Highest finisher will take the title.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Chris and his seventh win of the year with one tie. The combination of picking Massa in F1 and Gordon in NASCAR were the keys. I was not second. My picks were late and I’m disqualified from this week’s result. They’re shown because our leader, Sebastian did not want to be “handed” the season championship by me missing my picks by a few hours, so I relented and have shown my picks above, which were the ones I posted on the WordPress site prior to any race starting. I have added these points to the season-long tally at the behest of Sebastian, but if anyone strongly objects to this, I’ll subtract them – let me know with your WordPress comments. Chris tightens the gap to Drewe for third, but like me, will likely need to pick a bit wild in the last weeks to make up the gap…




November 3, 2014

Week 43

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Welcome to week 43 – three races this weekend, and just three weekends left including this one. F1 moves south within the America’s to the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Brazil; MotoGP has their finale in Spain; and NASCAR has their penultimate race at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona. Sebastian has the guide for your picks at Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 42:

F1 USA, NASCAR Texas, WEC China:


Lewis Hamilton won the F1 Grand Prix in Austin, his fifth victory in a row, and 32nd win of his career – more than any other British driver. He started behind his team mate, Nico Rosberg, and had to wait until switching to medium compound tires before getting around him and on to win the race. Rosberg finished in a comfortable second, 25s ahead of third place driver, Daniel Ricciardo. The Williams cars of Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas were fifth and sixth, more than a minute ahead of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel who started from the pit lane.

Jimmie Johnson looked like the strongest driver throughout the NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway, and so deservedly took the win. Jeff Gordon looked like the next strongest, and most likely to take victory other than Johnson, but collided with Brad Keselowski on the first green-white-checker, leaving Gordon in a lowly 29th while Keselowski finished 3rd, just behind Kevin Harvick. Gordon was not happy, although it did not look like the on track incident was Keselowski’s fault, and the two of them got bloodied up in a big pit brawl after the race. Our only pick, Joey Logano had pit problems towards the end of the race, and finished 12th. One more race – at PIR next week – decides which four drivers go into the final race as contenders for the title. After Texas none of the remaining Chase contenders has a win in this current round of the Chase, so right now the top four in points are in the best position to move on, and they are: Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman, and Jeff Gordon. But it is close with Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards just one point behind Gordon, and Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick a further five and six point back respectively. So expect another intense battle in Phoenix.

Toyota dominated the WEC race in Shanghai in China – the only two cars to finish on the lead lap – with the # 8 besting the #7. The #14 Porsche battled out the race with the two Audis, with the Porsche taking third spot, and the #2 Audi finishing fourth ahead of the #1 Audi. In sixth was the #20 Porsche, and seventh the #12 Rebellion.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Drewe and his seventh win of the year. Getting the top 6 in F1, and 4 out of the top 5 in WEC, gave Drewe the highest score for a 3-event weekend so far this year. It also makes Drewe a little more comfortable in third place in the standings, but with three weekends still to go anything can happen…




October 27, 2014

Week 42

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Welcome to week 42 – three races this weekend. F1 comes to the U.S. and the Circuit of the Americas, NASCAR is also in Texas at the 1.5 mile Texas Motor Speedway just outside of Dallas, and the WEC is in Shanghai in China. As usual Sebastian has the links you need to make your picks at Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 41:

WRC Spain, MotoGP Malaysia, NASCAR Virginia:


Sebastien Ogier won Spain’s WRC event and so clinched the WRC driver’s title for this year. As has often happened in WRC this year, his teammate Jari-Matti Latvala was his closest rival and finished second. The other Volkwagen driver, Andreas Mikkelsen was on track to make it a VW 1-2-3, but punctured mid-way through the second day dropping him down the order – he finished 7th. Finishing third was Mikko Hirvonen who had one of his better rallies this year. He finished ahead of Mads Ostberg who was quoted as saying he just couldn’t find his rhythm in the early part of the event. Kris Meeke suffered a double puncture on day 1 while carrying only one spare, so he retired and came back under Rally 2 rules, which meant a lowly 19th place finish.

Marc Marquez finally got back to his winning ways by not crashing out in Sepang and winning the MotoGP race ahead of Valentino Rossi. Marquez, Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo who finished third, had a close battle for most of the race. Dani Pedrosa had a miserable race, crashing on lap 2, getting back on his bike, then crashing a second time later in the race, leaving him classified in 17th place. Our other pick, Andrea Dovizioso had some sort of mechanical problem late in the race and fell back to an eighth place finish after being as high as second after a great start.

NASCAR was at the short track in Martinsville and as usual there, there were lots of cautions from lots of minor wrecks. Jeff Gordon looked the strongest for most the race, even recovering from a pit speeding penalty that dropped him down lower than 30th, but at the very end he couldn’t overhaul the winner, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and had to settle for second. Behind “Chase” contender Ryan Newman in third, and Tony Stewart in fourth, Joey Logano was the next “Chase” contender to finish, and right behind him in sixth, Matt Kenseth. Kenseth got into Kevin Harvick mid-way through the race, leaving Harvick with car damage that he couldn’t recover from, and thus a 33rd place finish. Jimmie Johnson also suffered car damage after coming together with Casey Mears, which meant a 32nd place finish for Johnson. Besides Gordon, Newman, Logano, Kenseth, and Harvick, the other three Chase contenders had mixed fortunes. Denny Hamlin finished 8th which puts him for now “on the bubble”, Carl Edwards finished 20th, and Brad Keselowski who suffered a transmission problem that caused the biggest crash of the race, finished in 31st place.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Greased Lightning and his fifth win of the year with one tie. His success in NASCAR looks to have made the difference, and with a 25 point winning margin, quite a big difference. No change in the standings, but Greased Lightning’s win once again closes things up for third place…




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