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February 20, 2017

2017 Week 6

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Welcome to week 6 and NASCAR is the only race, staying at Daytona, this one is the official kick-off of the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, the Daytona 500. Please make your picks at:

Scores from week 5:
NASCAR Clash at Daytona:

Results – Week 5
1 Joey Logano
2 Kyle Busch
3 Alex Bowman
4 Danica Patrick
5 Kevin Harvick
6 Brad Keselowski
7 Chase Elliott
8 David Suarez
9 Chris Buescher
10 Jamie McMurray

A shorter race than the Daytona 500, and with a limited field, and nothing to lose for the drivers and teams, the Clash was supposed to be a spectator-friendly shootout. But rain nixed the Saturday evening race and it ran on Sunday morning instead. It was still a good race, with a very exciting end. Going into the last lap Denny Hamlin had the lead, but Brad Keselowski had momentum, and going into turn two he dived down underneath Hamlin’s line, and it looked like nothing was going to stop him. But Hamlin misjudged Keselowski’s speed, and when he turned down to close the gap, it was already too late – Keselowski was already there. They collided, and wrecked. Joey Logano, in third place, went to the outside and kept his foot in it. He cleared the wreck still with good speed, and with others behind him checking up, he had a clear rest of the lap to take the win. Kyle Busch and Alex Bowman were next to clear the wreck, and went side-by-side to the finish line, where Busch beat Bowman by a nose. The wreck also favored Danica Patrick who went from 10th place to finish fourth. Kevin Harvick was fifth, then came Keselowski, who fared better than Hamlin after the collision, and made it around to the finish line in sixth. Matt Kenseth was 11th. Hamlin didn’t make it to the finish, but being the last lap, he was the first a lap down, and an 13th place finish. Kyle Larson exited the race when he was taken out by Martin Truex Jr., 14 laps from the end, and a 14th place finish. Jimmie Johnson had two crashes during the race, with the second one taking his car out of the race, and a 16th place finish. His first wreck was when he lost the back of the car and took out Kurt Busch, just 16 laps into the race, leaving Busch out, and 17th place and last.

Players Scores:

Week-5 Player’s Scores iom seb
Joey Logano 50 50
Kyle Busch 40 40
Kevin Harvick 30 30
Brad Keselowski 28  
Matt Kenseth   19
Denny Hamlin 17 17
Kyle Larson 16  
Jimmie Johnson   14
Kurt Busch 13 13
Totals: 194 183

Congratulations to Iomracer and his first win of the year. Despite Keselowki’s run-in with Hamlin, his efforts to continue to the finish in sixth was the major difference in the score. No changes in positions in the standings, but Iomracer finally makes up some ground …

Standings after week 5:
Pos Pre Name Total Diff Latest Prior Diff
1 1 Sebastian 780   183 597  
2 2 iomracer 712 -68 194 518 -79
3 3 New Players 689 -23 178 511 -7


February 13, 2017

2017 Week 5

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Welcome to week 5 – just one race this coming weekend – it’s NASCAR’s “Clash at Daytona”, the exhibition race before their first “proper” race of the year, next week. Drafting is the feature of the race, so it’s a bit of a lottery trying to pick a winner. Please make your picks at:

Scores from week 4:
WRC Sweden:

Results – Week 4
1 Jari-Matti Latvala
2 Ott Tanak
3 Sebastien Ogier
4 Dani Sordo
5 Craig Breen
6 Elfyn Evans
7 Hayden Paddon
8 Stephane Lefebvre
9 Pontus Tidemand
10 Teemu Suninen

Unlike last year’s mudfest, WRC Rally Sweden this year had plenty of snow and ice, making it the proper winter rally that is expected. Using studded snow tires on the new and faster cars, made for very fast stages. As usual all drivers had some issue or two, but the most heartbreaking was Thierry Neuville, who, just like in Monte Carlo, crashed out on Saturday from a healthy lead. And like the Monte, it was more bad luck than bad driving. He returned on Sunday under Rally 2 rules, but penalties left him with a 13th place finish. In Monte it was Sebastian Ogier who inherited the lead, but just a few too many minor problems in Sweden had him in fourth place before Neuville’s demise, so the third step on the podium was the best he could do. It was his teammate in the Ford, Ott Tanak who had the best chance to push for the win after Neuville went out, but he had to settle for second when Jari-Matti Latvala blistered through the final stages to take the win for himself and the new Toyota team. Behind these three, Dani Sordo had another solid and steady event to finish the best Hyundai in fourth place. Then came Craig Breen in his first outing in one of the new WRC cars, so a good result for him in fifth in the Citroen. Elfin Evans was sixth, and Hayden Paddon was seventh after suffering through Saturday without power steering. Kris Meeke found a ditch that took the spectators eight minutes to pull out the car, so 12th was the best he could do. And Mads Osberg needed Rally 2 rules to come back on Saturday after losing his rear spoiler, rendering the car “undrivable”.

Week-4 Player’s Scores iom seb
Jari-Matti Latvala 50 50
Ott Tanak 40 40
Sebastien Ogier 35 35
Dani Sordo 32
Craig Breen 30 30
Hayden Paddon 26 26
Kris Meeke 18
Thierry Neuville 17
Mads Ostberg 15
Totals: 216 228

Congratulations to Sebastian and his third win in a row. His Sordo/Osberg combination was better than iomracer’s Meeke/Neuville combination. No changes in positions in the year-long standings, but Sebastian pulls further out in the lead …

Standings after week 4:
Pos Pre Name Total Diff Latest Prior Diff
1 1 Sebastian 597 228 369
2 2 iomracer 518 -79 216 302 -67
3 3 New Players 511 -7 212 299 -3


January 30, 2017

2017 Week 3

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Welcome to week 3. No racing this week weekend – the only time we have a weekend pass this year.

Scores from week 2:

USCC 24-Hours of Daytona:

Results – Week 2
1 10-Wayne Taylor Racing
2 5-Mustang Samping Racing
3 90-VisitFlorida Racing
4 2-Tequila Patron ESM
5 66-Ganassi Racing
6 911-Porsche GT Team
7 62-Risi Competizione
8 3-Corvette Racing
9 69-Ganassi Team UK
10 912-Porsche GT Team

The United Sports Car Championship (USCC) kicked off with their famous Daytona 24-hour race. Originally the top Prototype class of the series was supposed to run the new LMP2 cars eligible for the Le Mans 24-hour race and the WEC, but IMSA didn’t like the one-engine concept and created the Daytona Prototype International (DPi) cars to allow different engine manufacturers, but to race alongside the LMP2 cars, on equal footing. But no-one knew how equal the cars would be. Well, after 24 hours around Daytona International Raceway, it seems that Cadillac have the measure of all other cars. Their DPi cars drove away from the rest of the field and finished one-two. In an unusual incident for the Prototype cars, the #10 Wayne Taylor racing took the lead that led to the win, with a bump-and-run against the #5 Mustang Sampling Cadillac – something usually only seen in NASCAR. The #5 team was mighty upset, but IMSA took no penalizing action, so that was the final result. In third place was the first of the LMP2 cars, the #90 Visit Florida Racing Riley/Gibson, a lap down, so not too far behind in terms of competitiveness. In fourth was the #2 Tequila Patron Nissan DPi car. Among other entries, the #31 Wheelen Engineering DPi Cadillac finished 14th, the #22 Tequila Patron Nissan DPi finished 17th, the #13 Rebellion Racing Oreca/Gibson LMP2 finishe 31st, the #81 Dragon Speed Oreca/Gibson LMP2 finished 39th, the #55 Mazda Motorsports DPi finished 39th, and the #70 Mazda Motorsports DPi finished 46th.

Week-2 Player’s Scores iom seb
10-Wayne Taylor Racing 50 50
5-Mustang Samping Racing 40
90-VisitFlorida Racing 35 35
2-Tequila Patron ESM 32 32
31-Whelen Engineering Racing 16
22-Tequila Patron 13 13
13-Rebellion Racing 1
81-DragonSpeed 1
55-Mazda Motorsports 1
70-Mazda Motorsports 0
Totals: 132 187

Congratulations to Sebastian for winning the 2nd week in a row, by managing to stay away from the cars that suffered problems during the 24 hours of the race (in particular, the Mazdas).

Standings after week 2:
Pos Pre Name Total Diff Latest Prior Diff
1 1 Sebastian 369 187 182
2 2 iomracer 302 -67 132 170 -12
3 3 New Players 299 -3 131 168 -2


January 25, 2017

2017 Week 2

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The motor racing season is underway and it is already week 2 of TMRG! This week it’s the USCC’s famous 24-hours of Daytona this weekend. Picks can be made at: You can also sign-up to play the game by clicking on the link on the picks-page just under “Who are you?”.

Scores from week 1:

Results – Week 1
1 Sebastien Ogier
2 Jari-Matti Latvala
3 Ott Tanak
4 Dani Sordo
5 Craig Breen
6 Elfyn Evans
7 Andreas Mikkelsen
8 Jan Kopecky
9 Stephane Lefebvre
10 Brian Bouffier

The first race of the WRC season featured the new, faster cars. With all new cars nobody knew who had done the best job of squeezing the most out of the new regulations, and Monte Carlo was supposed to clue us in. But as usual, the Monte was too unpredictable to give any solid answers to which teams and cars will be at the forefront this year. Certainly Ford looked strong with Sebastian Ogier winning the event in an M-Sport Fiesta, and Ott Tanak in another Fiesta finishing third. But before he threw it all away in an unfortunate crash, Thierry Neuville in the new Hyundai had been dominating the event – almost a minute up on his nearest rivals. He came back on Saturday under Rally 2 rules to finish 15th in the general classification. And then there was Jari-Matti Latvala in the new Toyota team’s Yaris. He finished second, a great result for a new team, but how much did attrition with other cars play into his result? After a slow start, Citroen’s lead driver Kris Meeke also started showing serious pace, but he too crashed out, and with a highway accident on Saturday and no Rally 2 option for Sunday, he was out with no points for picking him in TMRG. Dani Sordo ended up the top Hyundai in fourth place. Behind him was a remarkable fifth place for Craig Breen driving the now underpowered 2016 version of the Citroen. Elfin Evans in the other M-Sport Fiesta finished sixth, and Stephane Lefebvre in the other Citroen finished ninth. Hayden Paddon in the Hyundai crashed on Stage 1, and with the unfortunate death of a spectator at the crash site (not hit by the car), Paddon withdrew from the event out of respect.

Week-1 Player’s Scores iom seb
Sebastien Ogier 50 50
Jari-Matti Latvala 40
Ott Tanak 35 35
Dani Sordo 32
Craig Breen 30
Elfyn Evans 28
Stephane Lefebvre 22
Thierry Neuville 15 15
Hayden Paddon 0
Kris Meeke 0 0
Totals: 170 182

Congratulations to Sebastian for winning week 1; avoiding Hayden Paddon was the key choice. So Sebastian starts the season atop of the season-long leaderboard:

Standings after week 1:
Pos Pre Name Total Diff Latest Prior Diff
1 1 Sebastian 182 182 0 0
2 1 iomracer 170 -12 170 0 0
3 1 New Players 168 -2 168 0 0



November 27, 2016

2016 Final Results

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Thanks for playing the 2016 edition of “The Motor Racing Game”. Results below. Please mark your calendars for the start of the 2017 season – the WRC Monte Carlo Rally that starts on January 20, 2016 (picks due Thursday, January 19). Go to (click on “New Players Click Here” under “Who are you?”) and sign up now!

Please visit any one of our pages for all the year’s results and stats:

The original, WordPress:
The “picks” site:

Scores from week 45:

F1 Abu Dhabi:


The F1 finale in Abu Dhabi went the way most would have expected given the points positions going into the race. Nico Rosberg needed third or better to control his own destiny. Lewis Hamilton needed to win the race and have Rosberg finish fourth or worse. So, as expected, Rosberg drove cautiously behind his teammate for most the race, and Hamilton led the race and slowed toward the end to try and hold up Rosberg and put him into the clutches of the two chasing drivers. But Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari who charged through the field toward the end of the race after putting on super soft tires, seemed to be content for the final podium position, and likely wanted to see his countryman win the title, so did not really fight for second. And behind Vettel, Max Verstappen again had a sensational drive from the back of the grid, after a first corner collision, to fourth place, but his tires seemed to have expired in the effort, and could not challenge for a better position. And so it was, Hamilton won the race, and second for Rosberg was enough for the Championship.


Congratulations to Iomracer and his eighteenth win of the year, and with a score only two points off the maximum possible for a one-event weekend. The season-long points were close, so Sebastian mixed it up with his final week picks in a last-ditch effort, but F1 is a little too predictable for dramatic change, so Iomracer takes the season-long title. Congratulations must go to Sebastian for winning the most weeks – 23 in all – along with two ties. Let’s hope others will join the competition next year to add to the fun. Final standings…


November 21, 2016

2016 Week 45

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Welcome to week 45 – just one race this weekend – the finale of F1 in Abu Dhabi – and the final week of the TheMotorRacingGame for this year. Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 44:

WRC Australia, NASCAR Homestead, WEC Bahrain:


The final event of the WRC this year was also the final rally for Volkswagen, who will not be competing next year. And the battle all weekend was between two of the three VW drivers – Sebastian Ogier and Andreas Mikkelsen. Entering the last day, there was just two seconds between them, when Ogier made an uncharacteristic mistake and had a high-speed spin which cost him 20s. That gave the final VW win to Mikkelsen. Thierry Neuville was third in the Hyundai, and for him that was enough to hold on to second in the Championship behind Ogier, and ahead of Mikkelsen. Hayden Paddon had a up and down weekend; unable to look after his tires, he eventually finished strong, getting ahead of his Hyundai teammate Dani Sordo in the closing stages, to finish fourth. Mads Osberg was the leading Ford driver finishing in sixth, ahead of the DMack shod Ford of Ott Tanak. Jari-Matti Latvala hit a bridge on the first corner of the first stage, and the suspension damage caused him to lose four minutes. He spent the rest of the event trying to make up time, which he did admirably to finish ninth behind WRC2 winner, Esapekka Lappi.

The NASCAR finale at Homestead had four drivers competing for the Championship. All four raced near the front of the pack at various times throughout the event. Kyle Busch was the first to look in trouble when a flat tire dropped him a lap down. But subsequent cautions got him back on the lead lap, and at one point ahead of the other three contenders. The big one (wreck) came right at the end of the race when Joey Logano turned Carl Edwards into the inside wall. Edwards took responsibility for the wreck, claiming he was too aggressive trying to block Logano. On the ensuring green-white-checkered finish Jimmie Johnson grabbed the lead and held on to take victory in the race, and the Chase title. Logano, who dropped places in his tousle with Edwards managed a fourth-place finish. Busch ended up sixth, and Edwards was classified in 34th.

The WEC had their finale in Bahrain. It was an Audi one-two with the #8 car finishing ahead of the #7 car by 16s. The #1 Porsche was third, a further minute adrift, and the only other car on the lead lap. The #2 Porsche finished three laps down in sixth place, but it was enough to crown the drivers, Romain Dumas, Neel Jani, and Marc Lieb, WEC Champions for 2016. Finishing ahead of them in the race were the two Toyotas with the #5 coming out 36s ahead of the #6. The top privateer LMP1 car was, as expected, the #13 Rebellion, finishing 10 laps down in seventh place.

Player’s Scores:


Congratulations to Sebastian and his 23rd win of the year, and 4 in-a-row, and by the biggest score for a 3-event weekend this year, and by a large 23-point gap over Iomracer. This closes things up considerably in the season-long points, although some wild picks and good luck will be needed to snatch victory with only the consistent F1 event remaining …



November 14, 2016

2016 Week 44

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Welcome to week 44 – three races this weekend, and just two weekends left including this one. WRC is down-under for their final event, Rally Australia. NASCAR has their finale at Homestead in Miami; and the WEC has their finale in Bahrain. Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 43:

F1 Brazil, Moto GP Spain, NASCAR Arizona:


There was heavy rain for the F1 race in San Paulo, Brazil. That meant a lot of spins, crashes, safety car laps, and even two stoppages. But the event was run to completion, and Lewis Hamilton took what he described as a comfortable win. It looked like Max Verstappen might take second place, but the Red Bull team made a strange decision to switch to intermediate tires, despite the heavy rain. There was a lot of discussion within the teams about the tires, with some drivers feeling that the intermediates may be better than the full rain tires, even in the worst conditions. But during the last safety car Verstappen switched back to full rain tires dropping him to 15th with 15 laps to go. From there he demonstrated why he’s the driver of the future, by picking off almost everyone to finish third behind Nico Rosberg. Kimi Raikkonen was one of those who crashed in the rain, leaving him with a 20th place finish. That left Sebastian Vettel in the remaining Ferrari to make the best of the conditions, and he finished fifth behind Sergio Perez. Verstappen’s teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, was unable to master the rain to the same extent, but still showed good speed, passing a couple of drivers in the last few laps to finish 8th. The championship comes down to the last race in two weeks in Abu Dhabi, between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. If Hamilton wins the last event, second or third will be enough for Rosberg to take the Championship; fourth or lower for Rosberg will give Hamilton another World title.

At the Moto GP finale at Valencia in Spain, pole-setting Jorge Lorenzo jumped the field on the start and never looked back, winning the event by a comfortable margin. It was a good battle for second, with Andrea Iannone, Maverick Vinales, Valentino Rossi, and Marc Marquez passing and re-passing each other for most of the race. Marquez came out on top, finishing comfortably clear of Iannone, who battled Rossi to the last lap. Vinales finished in fifth, 3s behind Rossi. Andrea Dovizioso didn’t have a great race, losing out to satellite rider Pol Espagaro to finish 7th. Of course Marquez was already champion, having wrapped up the title a few races ago.

The NASCAR race in Phoenix was exciting in the closing laps. There were two places available among six drivers to get into the final four at Homestead next week. Matt Kenseth looked like he’d take one of those places with a comfortable lead in the race, with Joey Logano holding that second place with fourth in the race. But Logano’s position was very tentative – dropping to fifth would put him out due to Kyle Busch running third. A very late caution put the race into overtime, and on the restart Alex Bowman who was running second, crashed into Kenseth, putting Kenseth out of the race and out of the final four. It didn’t look like Bowman’s fault, with Kenseth turning down into Bowman after the spotter called Kenseth clear, when he wasn’t. The commentators were reluctant to blame the spotter, but the driver has a restricted view of what’s behind and rely on their spotters, and in professional racing, usually the whole team must be perfect. A final green-white-checker ensued, with Logano getting the hole-shot and taking the victory, so it was he and Busch who finished behind him, that took the final two spots into the final race, along with the winners from the last two weeks, Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards.


Congratulations to Sebastian and his 22nd win of the year, with the highest score for a three-event weekend this season. No changes in positions in the season-long points, but Sebastian continues to inch closer with just two weeks to go …


November 7, 2016

2016 Week 43

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Welcome to week 43 – three races this weekend, and just three weekends left including this one. F1 moves south within the Americas to San Paulo in Brazil; Moto GP has their finale at Valencia in Spain; and NASCAR has their penultimate race at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona, in which the final four will be decided for the Chase for the Cup in the finale the following week. Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 42:

NASCAR Texas, WEC China:


It was a snoozer for most of the NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway. Almost F1-style, with a very processional race. Initially delayed by five hours, the most exciting part of the race came with 120 laps to go, when it looked like the rain may come again, and must-win Carl Edwards started a hard charge. Joey Logano had dominated the race from start to just past mid-way, when Martin Truex Jr. then got and kept the lead. As the rain neared, an outstanding green-flag pit stop by Edwards’ team put him ahead of Truex. He had to hold the lead a couple of times more on restarts after cautions, but finally the rain came and he had the win. At that time Joey Logano had found his second wind, and was closing on him, but second place puts Logano in the third spot in the championship table, so a good day’s work. Kyle Busch was the next of the Chase contenders to finish, in fifth place behind Truex and Chase Elliott, and that puts him in fourth place in the championship table. Kevin Harvick was sixth, but with the bad week he had last week, he needs an amazing week next week to stay in the Chase. Matt Kenseth was seventh, which puts him on the outside of the championship’s top-four, but only one point behind Kyle Busch. Denny Hamlin was ninth, so he’s now two places out of the top-four, but only two points behind Kyle Busch. Jimmie Johnson was 11th, but with the win last week, along with Edwards, he’s guaranteed one of the championship four places in the final at Homestead. Finally, Kurt Busch had another bad week, so he’ll need to win at Phoenix next week to stay in the Chase.

The #1 Porsche won the WEC race in Shaghai in China, and it gave the manufacturers title to Porsche. By recent WEC standards, they had a fairly big gap over the next three cars, although at 1 minute, it’s still amazingly close after 6 hours of racing. Those next three had a good battle through to the end, with the two Toyotas taking the final two podium positions, with the #6 finishing ahead of the #5. The #2 Porsche was also in the mix, but missed out on the podium with a fourth-place finish. The two Audis were not in contention. The #8 Audi had refueling problems with every stop, cumulatively losing them 3 laps through the race, and a fifth-place finish. To add to the Audi woes, the two cars got together at one point, causing enough damage to the #7 Audi to put them into the garage for 14 laps, finally finishing in sixth place. The #13 Rebellion had engine problems and finished 29 laps down in 24th place.


Congratulations to Sebastian and his twenty-first outright win of the year with two ties. Picking Kyle Busch over Iomracer’s Matt Kenseth was the difference that produced the win. No changes in positions in the standings …


October 31, 2016

2016 Week 42

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Welcome to week 42 – two races this weekend. NASCAR goes to the Intermediate track of Texas Motor Speedway for the second of the three races in the Eliminator round that will decide the four drivers who will vie for the Cup in the final race; and the WEC is in China for their penultimate race of the season. Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 41:

F1 Mexico, WRC Wales, Moto GP Malaysia, NASCAR Martinsville:


Lewis Hamilton started on pole at the F1 GP in Mexico and never looked threatened on his way to an 8.3s victory over his Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg. Hamilton did take a short-cut through turn 2 at the start, and for me it looked to give him a distance advantage, but no one else seemed to think so, and nothing more challenged Hamilton in the race. Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel were the other two leaders at various points in the race, but only because Hamilton pitted before them. Max Verstappen tried to challenge Rosberg for second, but was too aggressive for his own good, passing Rosberg but then immediately losing the position with Rosberg’s over-under crossing pass. After that Verstappen found himself under pressure from Vettel. Overly aggressive defense of his position eventually led the stewards to give Verstappen a 5 second penalty, which dropped him to fifth behind Vettel who took the final podium position, and Daniel Ricciardo in fourth. But then there was a big gap back to sixth place which became Kimi Raikkonen’s when he got past Nico Hulkenberg late in the race.

Leading up to WRC Rally Wales, it looked like it might have offered dry conditions. But when the event started it was back to the expected muddy and foggy stages. That gave the advantage to Sebastian Ogier starting first, and he duly made the most of it, leading from start to finish and winning the event. Ott Tanak started further down the order, but his D-Mack tires were expected to perform well in the muddy conditions, and indeed he was Ogier’s only serious rival all rally long. But Ogier is World Champion for a reason, and kept Tanak at bay. Tanak’s second place finish was the best of his career, and well deserved. The two Hyundais of Thierry Neuville and Haddon Paddon were the best of the rest, finishing third and fourth, but well behind Ogier and Tanak. Chris Meeke simply couldn’t find the speed in the Welsh forests, and on Saturday when he used up his two spare tires early, with no tire changes permitted all day, he had to drive cautiously. So at the end he was 40s back from Paddon, in fifth place. Dani Sordo was almost a minute and a half further back from Meeke in sixth place. Jari-Matti Latvala lost a lot of time with a broken drive shaft on Friday, and fought hard to climb back up to a seventh-place finish. A broken drive shaft plagued all three Volkswagens, with Andrea Mikkelsen suffering early on Friday, which lost him so much time, 12th was the best he could do. Ogier’s car suffered the same fate, but it was at the end of the last stage on Friday, so he lucked out, and it made no difference to the times or the positions.

Moto GP was in Sepang in Malaysia and the race started with a tight fight between six riders. Swapping the lead many times were pole setter Andrea Dovizioso, Andrea Iannone, and Valentino Rossi, with Marc Marquez, Cal Cruthlow, and Jorge Lorenzo snapping at their heels. Then it all changed over the course of two laps when Crutchlow crashed, then Marquez crashed, then Iannone crashed. That left Dovizioso and Rossi out front pulling away from Lorenzo. With five laps to go Rossi ran wide at turn one and let Dovizioso into the lead. With his tires going away, there was nothing more Rossi could do, and he had to concede the win to Dovizioso. Lorenzo was well clear in third to take the final podium position, with the two former open class team riders of Hector Barbera and Loriz Baz taking fourth and fifth. Maverick Vinales did not enjoy the rain soaked event, and could do no better than a sixth-place finish. Marquez did get back on his bike after his crash, and so managed to salvage an 11th place finish.

NASCAR was at the short track in Martinsville, but unusually there were not a lot of cautions. In fact, a green-flag stretch of more than 130 laps had drivers in the pits under green-flag conditions when a yellow came out. As usual in these kinds of situations, there was mass confusion, and it took NASCAR 29 laps to sort out the field and restart the race. When it did restart, there were only 10 drivers on the lead lap. Five of those ten were Chase contenders, so they start the Eliminator round with good opening race results. Especially for Jimmie Johnson who took the victory and guaranteed his position in the final four at Homestead in three weeks. The other top Chase finishers were Denny Hamlin who finished 3rd, Matt Kenseth 4th, Kyle Busch 5th, and Joey Logano 9th. The three drivers who now have a lot to do in the next two races include Kevin Harvick who finished 20th, Kurt Busch who finished 22nd, and worse of all, Carl Edwards who dropped 76 laps after a heavy crash and with a 37th place finish will probably need to win one of the remaining two races to stay in the Chase.


Congratulations to Sebastian and his twentieth win of the year. Picking Vettel in F1 and Lorenzo in Moto GP were the prominent picks making a difference. No changes in positions in the standings …


October 24, 2016

2016 Week 41

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Welcome to week 41 – four races this weekend. F1 is in Mexico City; WRC goes back to gravel (and likely rain and mud) with Rally Wales; Moto GP is at Sepang in Malaysia; and NASCAR is at the short track in Martinsville, Virginia, for the first of the three races in the Eliminator round that will decide the four drivers who will vie for the Cup in the final race. Picks can be made at:

Scores from week 40:

F1 Circuit of the Americas, Moto GP Australia, NASCAR Talladega:


Lewis Hamilton has always liked the Circuit of the Americas, and again this weekend he dominated to take the win. But with his teammate Nico Rosberg finishing second, the Championship didn’t change too much. Daniel Ricciardo felt he had a shot at second place, but a virtual safety car at the same time as the Mercedes pit window (with Ricciardo having pitted before the safety car), meant that Ricciardo had to settle for third. Sebastian Vettel finished a lonely fourth after Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen both dropped out of the race while ahead of him. For Verstappen, his race started to unravel when he pitted when the crew wasn’t ready, and then on lap 31 his gearbox failed, leaving him with a 20th place finish. Raikkonen’s woes also came in the pits, when he pulled away from his third stop, with the tire gun still attached to the wheel, and the wheel not properly on, which led to his retirement and a 19th place finish.

Although Marc Marquez entered the Australian round of the Moto GP calendar as the newly crowned Moto GP Champion, he showed no signs of letting up, opening up a decent gap up front in the early part of the race. But an error on lap 10 saw him go down, out of the race, and classified with a 20th place finish. That handed the lead to Cal Crutchlow who seized the chance at the win, and raced hard to keep himself ahead of Valentino Rossi, and indeed take the win at the end. Rossi’s run to second was extraordinary considering he started 15th on the grid. But he earned his nickname, “the doctor”, for a reason, and in this race he surgically picked off one rider at a time until there was only Crutchlow ahead, and no one near him behind. But Crutchlow was too fast on this day to give Rossi that final step. A battle looked to be brewing for third, with Andrea Dovizioso and Maverick Vinales gaining on Aleix Espagaro, but then Espagaro also crashed out, leaving it down to Maverick Vinales and Andrea Dovizioso to battle it out. Vinales was too fast and a gap opened to Dovizioso giving them a third and fourth place finish respectively. Behind Pol Espagaro in fifth, Jorge Lorenzo also had a good race, finishing sixth after starting 12th on the grid.

In NASCAR four more drivers were eliminated from the Chase leaving eight. Going into the race Joey Logano, who won this event last year, was on the bubble of elimination, but he took the victory in “overtime” to make no doubt of his place in the final eight of the Chase. His win also denied Chase Elliott of his must-win, although a 12th place finish meant that Elliott wasn’t really close. Brad Keselowski was another driver who needed a good race, and another 38th place finish when his engine failed doomed his chances. Martin Truex Jr. also went out of the race with a failed engine, and so too went his chance to move on in the Chase. With Elliott, Keselowski, and Truex out, there was one more driver to face elimination. At the end of the race it came down to Denny Hamlin and Austin Dillon fighting for that final position with Hamlin needing to finish 6 places ahead of Dillon to move on to the next round.  Hamlin finished 3rd and Dillon six places behind him in 9th, which tied them in points, but Dillon was out of the Chase based on tie-breaking rules. So the eight that move on are: Joey Logano, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch, and Kyle Busch.


A tie this week between Sebastian and Iomracer – only the second tie this year, with Vettal finishing fourth in F1 for Sebastian and Dovizioso finishing fourth in Moto GP for Iomracer, and all other picks being the same. So, no changes in the standings…


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